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38 Patient Groups Speak Out Against Recent Ruling in Texas v. US

Dec 19/GHLF Staff / Meningitis

Ruling invalidates critical health care protections for millions of people with pre-existing conditions December 17, 2018 Categories: Advocacy News Washington, D.C., December, 17 2018 — Following Friday’s ruling in the case of Texas v. United States, which found all of the Affordable Care Act to be unconstitutional, 38 patient groups issued the following statement: “Our organizations, which collectively represent […]


Is It a Migraine or a Stroke? Getting It Wrong Happens in 18% of Cases, Says New Study

Dec 03/Barbara Brody / Migraine

It’s easy to mistake migraine with aura for stroke, especially when you don’t get migraine attacks regularly. When someone is having a stroke, time is of the essence. If it’s an ischemic stroke — the most common kind, which is caused by a clot blocking blood flow to the brain — you need a drug […]


Who Really Needs to Take CGRP Medication to Prevent Migraine? What New Guidelines Say

Nov 28/Barbara Brody / Migraine

These new medications are pricey, and insurers aren’t eager to cover them. New guidelines on which migraine patients need CGRPs most could help with access. If you frequently suffer from debilitating migraine attacks, you may already have a prescription for more than one type of medication: a pain-relieving drug to be taken when the pain […]


Aimovig®: A Cautious New Hope

Aug 07/Jamie Sanders/ Migraine

By now, just about every migraine patient has heard about Aimovig® (erenumab), the first FDA approved treatment for the prevention of migraine in episodic and chronic patients. The news was announced on May 17, 2018 and I’m sure there was a resounding cheer from migraine patients all across the country. Aimovig® is a member of […]


Have You Tried…? Some Of The Worst Things You Can Say To A Migraine Patient

May 16/Jaime Sanders / Migraine

It feels like migraine patients have been given remedies, cures and suggestions that will help them since the beginning of time. Most of the time these “tips” are things we have already tried, or simply old wives’ tales passed down from someone’s uncle’s cousin’s great-grandmother. I asked my closest migraine friends and advocates to share […]