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Signs Your Migraine Treatment Stopped Working — and What to Do If It Does

Signs Your Migraine Treatment Stopped Working — and What to Do If It Does

Jul 08// Migraine

The goal of migraine medication is for your symptoms to go away and not come back. Here’s what to do if it fails.


When to Go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care for a Headache

Jul 07// Migraine
When to Go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care for a Headache Very few people ever want to go to the emergency room (ER). That is even more true now during the COVID-19 pandemic when hospitals and the risk of infection all feel pretty scary. In fact, there is evidence that fewer people in [...]

Managing Migraine During the Summer: 6 Tips to Alleviate Attacks

Jun 26// Migraine

Summer doesn’t have to be the season of your discontent. Employ this advice from neurology experts to avoid migraine triggers.


Migraine and Healthcare Disparities

Jun 24// Migraine
What Are Healthcare Disparities A health disparity is defined as a difference in the health care received by individuals from different groups. For example, Hispanic people in the US are two and a half times less likely than white people to have health insurance. Although heart disease has been decreasing in the US, Black people [...]

Yoga Could Help Cut Your Migraine Medication Use By Half, Research Shows

May 22// Migraine

A new study finds that yoga can reduce migraine intensity, frequency, and the amount of medication needed to be taken.


Migraine Home Remedies That Headache Specialists Approve

May 08// Coronavirus COVID-19 Migraine

These at-home measures, along with followed your medication regimen, can help keep migraine attacks at bay, even while you’re under increased stress from the coronavirus pandemic.


Botox for Migraine During COVID-19: What If You Can’t Get Botox to Prevent Migraine Attacks?

Apr 15// Coronavirus COVID-19 Migraine

The coronavirus pandemic has left migraine patients and providers scrambling to find solutions to maintain health that, for many people, may have taken years to achieve.


Going to the Emergency Room for Migraine: How to Advocate for Better Care

Aug 13// Migraine

No one wants to seek emergency care for a migraine attack. These tips can help ensure you get the treatment you need. Going to the emergency room or to an urgent care center in the middle of an excruciating migraine attack is one of the last things people living with migraine want to do. Being […]


Is It a Migraine or a Stroke? Getting It Wrong Happens in 18% of Cases, Says New Study

Dec 03// Migraine

It’s easy to mistake migraine with aura for stroke, especially when you don’t get migraine attacks regularly. When someone is having a stroke, time is of the essence. If it’s an ischemic stroke — the most common kind, which is caused by a clot blocking blood flow to the brain — you need a drug […]


Who Really Needs to Take CGRP Medication to Prevent Migraine? What New Guidelines Say

Nov 28// Migraine

These new medications are pricey, and insurers aren’t eager to cover them. New guidelines on which migraine patients need CGRPs most could help with access. If you frequently suffer from debilitating migraine attacks, you may already have a prescription for more than one type of medication: a pain-relieving drug to be taken when the pain […]