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This Pfizer Scientist Helped Develop the COVID-19 Vaccine: Here’s What She Wants Others to Know About It

This Pfizer Scientist Helped Develop the COVID-19 Vaccine: Here’s What She Wants Others to Know About It

Apr 01// Coronavirus COVID-19

“Black women in science do exist, and I hope to inspire many more to follow this path because representation matters,” says Darryl Melissa Charles. “We try our best to help keep our communities informed and lead by example, especially when it is so easy for misinformation to spread.”


We’re Not Anti-Vaxxers, We’re Traumatized: Here’s How to Build COVID-19 Vaccine Trust with People of Color

Jan 22// Coronavirus COVID-19

Disabled people and people of color (in particular Black people) have only to look to their lived experiences and the history of this nation to be supplied with endless reasons not to entrust their well-being to those who have previously abused them.


Thiopurine Medications Are Linked with Risk of Severe COVID-19 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients

Jan 05// Coronavirus COVID-19 Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis patients taking thiopurines either alone or in combination with TNF antagonists were more likely to have severe COVID-19 disease.


Blood Cancers Like Leukemia May Lead to More Severe Cases of COVID-19 Than Other Kinds of Cancer

Sep 17// Cancer Coronavirus COVID-19

New research suggests that diseases like leukemia and lymphoma pose a particular risk for coronavirus outcomes.


Dos and Don’ts for Telemedicine for Migraine

Jun 18// COVID-19
During the COVID-19 pandemic, televisits—seeing your health care provider through a videoconference or phone call—became common. As this article is being written, it is too early to say if the widespread use of telemedicine will continue after the risk of getting or spreading COVID-19 becomes smaller. Many health care providers and patients hope that it [...]

I’m Finally Getting Surgery for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, After It Was Almost Delayed Due to COVID-19

May 19// Cancer Coronavirus COVID-19

‘Although part of me has come to embrace this protective cocoon of the unknown, I want to wake up to good news and get on with my life.’


How My Breast Cancer Diagnosis — and the Coronavirus Pandemic — Is Finally Easing My Resentment from a Miscarriage

May 12// Cancer Coronavirus COVID-19

‘The thought of dealing with a toddler during a cancer battle in a coronavirus pandemic has finally eased some of that resentment I had with myself and others.’


Migraine Home Remedies That Headache Specialists Approve

May 08// Coronavirus COVID-19 Migraine

These at-home measures, along with followed your medication regimen, can help keep migraine attacks at bay, even while you’re under increased stress from the coronavirus pandemic.


Living with Stage 4 Lung Cancer During the Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘I’m Scared to Break Out of My Bubble’

May 05// Cancer Coronavirus COVID-19

Everyone is stressed about COVID-19. But for lung cancer patients like Bill Westlake, the stakes are especially high.