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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can be overwhelmingly stressful for people with compromised immune systems. Join Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF)’s free program to get information, support, and resources tailored specifically to you.

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The Global Healthy Living Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to improve the quality of life for people living with chronic illness. Learn more about us here. Below are our core Advocacies.


The 50-State Network

  • A grass roots advocacy organization working to share the patient perspective for State and Federal health policy and regulation.


  • The go-to source for more than 100,000 arthritis patients and their families seeking education, support, advocacy and patient-centered research.

Fail First Hurts

  • A grassroots effort bringing the Fail First message of poor outcomes, inefficiencies, and higher costs to patients, physicians, caregivers, and more.

Medical Conditions
On our radar

We are currently monitoring legislation and supporting patient access to care around the following chronic conditions:

An in-depth look into the Covid-19 virus and what can be done to keep yourself healthy

Arthritis is inflammation of one or more of the joints. One of the most common causes of disability in the U.S., this disease can severely limit function and negatively impact quality of life

While commonly thought of as a really bad headache, migraine is in fact a chronic, debilitating, and often under reported neurological condition.

An inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. There are vaccines available to prevent most forms of meningitis.

Causes bone density to decrease, resulting in reduced strength and fragile bones.

Check our resource library for more topics.

Trending topics
On our radar

We are actively educating legislators and regulators at the state and national level regarding the following access to care issues:

An organization with deep ties to insurance companies using their influence to limit access to life changing treatments.
Cut through the noise and learn about the status of health insurance in 2017.
Prescription medicines created from food-based, natural molecules.


Check our resource library for more topics.

Keep track of your symptoms and help advance research with ArthritisPower

Research by patients, for patients. Powered by CreakyJoints. As an arthritis patient, you can make a difference in the fight against arthritis and related conditions with this free app. Here’s how:

  • Track your symptoms, treatments and other health data from your computer or smartphone.
  • See how your symptoms are changing—or holding steady—over time. How are you responding to new medications or other changes in treatment?
  • Share how you’ve been doing to help your care team and loved ones better understand your condition.


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The Data
Fail First policies, also known as Step Therapy, are insurance policies which require the cheapest drug to be prescribed to a patient first, rather than the medicine originally prescribed by the doctor.     LEARN MORE