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fbtdDoes your nonprofit use Facebook to reach your community? If so, you have probably noticed that your posts reach fewer and fewer people who follow your page.

ISSUE: Facebook changed the way it delivers information, forcing organizations to pay to promote their posts in order to reach their audience (the audience who opted in to “like” your page). For-profit companies see this as the cost of doing business, may not matter, but for nonprofit organizations the impact of paying to reach our supporters with education, safety, support and research messages is great. Too great for us to use Facebook effectively.

GOAL: We want Facebook to adopt policies like Google and Twitter regarding nonprofit grants. Facebook doesn’t have a program that allows nonprofits to apply for grant funding for advertising support. Twitter and Google do. We are simply asking Facebook to do the same, and be a good corporate citizen.

WHAT WE NEED YOU TO DO: The Global Healthy Living Foundation (a nonprofit based in Upper Nyack, New York) would like you to support our discussions with Congress and Facebook by signing up on the form to the right. Our strength is in the millions of people we collectively serve. In addition, we have a petition that has been signed by more than 18,000 individuals.

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